Hi. I'm Ryan Gonzalez.

I'm a designer with a background in engineering who enjoys wading in the space between those two disciplines.

For almost two years I’ve been working as lead designer and software engineer at Fetchnotes building iOS and web applications for collaboration and productivity in ye olde Boston.

Previously, I spent a summer designing and developing at Fuzzco in b-e-a-utiful Charleston, in my home state of South Carolina.

I studied Computer Science Engineering at the University of Michigan before leaving to work at Fetchnotes. Go Blue! I'm also an avid cook (Alton Brown is a personal hero and spiritual mentor) and former film director. If you want to talk cooking, hit me up on Twitter!

I'm @ryngonzalez everywhere. Check out some design-y things on Dribbble, code doodles and open source projects on GitHub, and banterings on Twitter. Let’s be internet friends!