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Designed and built a marketing website (after doing branding) for a bicycle rental service that was built to provide support to orphanages in Haiti.

I worked with Adam Kurtz of Bon Bicycles to plan, design, and develop their marketing website.


I wanted to make sure all the information that we needed to convey was present and structured in a simple fashion, so I took to MindNode before doing anything else:

Whenever I design something that has a sprawling surface area of needs and functionality, I try to make sure the model that I have in my head is organized correctly, and a node-based, spatial system like MindNote (and my current tool, OmniGraffle) allows me to think about the problem in an easily verifiable way.

Bon Bicycles was an interesting challenge in that I had to think about how the service (the online reservation system) and the marketing website would be structured (for a visitor, and in the technical sense of how it would be constructed).


The key things I needed to convey on the homepage were: what the company does (rents out bikes in Hilton Head, SC), why it does it (to help provide support for the Hope in the Light mission in Haiti), and how it goes about doing that (with impeccable customer service).

Communicating the mission

We really wanted to make the mission of helping these kids core to the experience of renting from Bon Bicycles, and we emphasized the background of Hope in the Light, and our founders hand-on experience traveling to Haiti to help provide for those kids.

Being radically transparent

One thing we wanted to do that was a little different was to provide a page for transparency, so that people really knew where there money was going, and how it was being used to help further our charitable mission.

The page shown below is going to be hooked up to the online reservation that’s being completed by another developer (after initial design and engineering from me) to provide real-time updating of the statistics.

Putting faces to the brand

We wanted to make sure that our customers knew who we were, and that there were people behind the curtains doing everything necessary to serve them.

Contacting us

I wanted to make it clear how to get in contact with us, and what area of South Carolina we served.