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Communicating our value, through designing and building a marketing website with beautiful animations and illustrations.

Being able to effectively communicate, and being discerning enough to communicate the right things are the keys to capturing someone’s attention. That’s what this marketing website was: we wanted anyone who took the effort to visit the site to immediately understand the value in our service, and to be get it in their hand in whatever manner (Android, iOS, Web) that they wanted as quickly as possible.

I led art direction, did photography, designed the illustrations, animations, and structure of the site. I wrote copy and helped guide the overall marketing message. I also built the majority of the page with Angular, SASS, CSS animations and SVG graphics, with an assist from another engineer who built the typing library we use to in the information section.

Animations and clear structure

One of the things we really strived to do was to make concepts clear through the right balance of illustration, animations, and writing, all structured in a single-page, scrollable way. We wanted to avoid a user getting lost, and we wanted to present the main points of our value in a condensed manner.

The best way to demonstrate this to you is to show a third-party usability tester going through the site, evaluating animations, structure, and visual communication effectiveness (disregard the low bitrate that usertesting.com provided):

For a better look at the animations and structure in higher quality, check this out:

Easy access

We made it really simple to download to whichever version you needed for the mobile platform (iOS or Android) that you use. Removing the barriers to getting the app on-device was a big point of emphasis, because only once the app is downloaded can it even be truly evaluated. Designing and building the infrastructure needed to send easy download links to your phone via text message was one way we tried to solve that problem.