Designing the Fetchnotes Brand

Made with Fetchnotes ·

Working with a design team to rebrand and define what the company represents.

Worked on an overhaul of the company’s branding (logo, copywriting, illustration style) during my first summer there, working mostly in Sketch and Illustrator. Collaborated with Lulu Tang and Giles Van Gruisen.

We wanted to build an identity that was fun, elegant, and easily expandable to any range of collateral.


The logotype went through a lot to get to where it is today.

The final logotype was a collaboration by Giles van Gruisen (who drew most of the letters in the final version) and myself, where I drew the F in final use. Lulu Tang provided art direction.


I helped art-direct Lulu Tang on the the Fetchnotes mascot, and also its use as a loading animation throughout the app.

We even have GIFs of it!


One of the things I got to do on occasion was work on illustrations for the app:


All iconography in the app was drawn by me, either in Sketch or Illustrator.