Designing the Madelike Paper marketing site

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Communicating the features, value, and quality of Madelike.

I designed a version of the Madelike marketing website while I was at Fuzzco; I took the major features of the app and gave them dedicated pages to explain and spotlight the carefully designed service. The design is no longer in-use after a rebrand of the service done near the tail end of my internship at Fuzzco.

The Dashboard

I split up the dashboard into its smallest units, and stepped through each of them. On each of these pages, I wanted to keep the flow simple, with each page keeping the featured sections in a single column, with the extra information at the bottom to be condensed with a two column structure.

The Magicbar

The MagicBar was the headline feature that formed the basis of which the rest of the app was designed around. It was based on the Mac Quicksilver of old, and was designed on the basis of getting time tracking information into the system as easily as possible. As such, I wanted to clearly explain how the MagicBar works, so I took the visitor of the site through the process of using the MagicBar step by step.


Notes with Madelike were designed to be simple. I tried my best to keep the communication of that simple as well, and left the user to try the app if they wanted to learn more.


Projects on Madelike are supposed to give your team clarity and foresight into the future, context in the present, and issues from the past. I showed the interface and explained the benefits of its layout, while taking smaller details of the feature and explaining them below.


I tried to communicate the high level benefits of timetracking, while also highlighting the design of Madelike’s implementation to make time-tracking and review easy.


With Madelike Todos, I tried to show the utility for a manager looking over the team’s current and upcoming workload, while also showing the need for an individual to help organize their days with easily added daily milestones. I also highlighted the little details (like reordering your todos on a calendar) that helped a user arrange their workload.


This site gave me my first solid chance to test my chops on copywriting, marketing design, and working under a creative director to have a solid direction on the goals, style, and implementation of a design.